Human Resources, Benefits Administration, and Payroll Services

Blue Chip Benefits has partnered with Rippling so we can provide clients the ability to manage employees’ payroll, benefits, electronic devices, apps and more, all on one platform – automating what used to be manual. This Human Resources and Benefits Administration system unifies all of a company’s employee systems by connecting them to a single system of record for employee data that allows one change to cascade to all systems, and it is the only system that can fully onboard and offboard employees across every department with a single click. In just 90 seconds, you can set up a new hire’s payroll, benefits, devices, apps and more. 

To sweeten the pie a little bit more, when you sign up to participate in Rippling’s all-in-one Human Resources and Benefits Administration system, you also receive:

  • Automatic sync between payroll and benefits deductions
  • Automatic COBRA administration, from notice delivery to payment collection
  • Automatic administration for H.S.A., FSA and Commuter Benefits
  • Automatic ACA, Section 125 (POP), SPDs, and ERISA compliance

Blue Chip Benefits’ clients receive services FREE for 6 months and thereafter receive a 10% discount on services and a FREE benefit enrollment system. Interested? Give us a call at (888) 225-8244, x701.

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