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What Is A PEO?

Learn the pros and cons of contracting with a PEO and why an employee benefits broker like Blue Chip Benefits may be a better alternative. If you are an employer with less than 50 employees and do not have the resources to hire internal Human Resources staff, you might consider

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2020 H.S.A. Contribution Limits Have Been Released

The amount a person can contribute to their Health Savings Accounts (H.S.A.) in 2020 has been released by the Internal Revenue Service. The new limits are going up $50 for individual coverage and $100 for family coverage, bringing them to $3,550 and $7,100, respectively. The catch-up contribution limit for those age 55+ will remain at an additional $1,000.

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Self-Insured Plan Sponsors Be Aware

Companies of self-funded medical insurance plans are responsible for submitting the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (“PCORI”) fee to the IRS by July 31, 2019 for plans that ended in 2018.

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PEO or Benefits Broker

If you’re an employer with less than 50 employees and do not have the resources to hire internal Human Resources staff, you may have considered outsourcing your human resources functions to a Professional Employer Organization (“PEO”). Doing so may have some great advantages, but buyer beware, there are numerous downsides as well that business owners are usually not made aware of.

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ACA-Compliance: IRS Forms 1095C and 1094C

Self-insured employers who distribute 2018 Forms 1095-B and 1095-C may want to know that
the IRS has again decided to extend the deadline for employers to distribute these forms to employees, to March 4th, 2019. It is important to note that the IRS has NOT changed the date in which employers must file paper or electronic versions of these important health insurance tax forms with the government.

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24/7/365 Doctor Access

Trending Now: Parents and patients are asking for 24/7/365 access to a doctor. Some insurance companies are updating their plans to include virtual visits with not only primary care physicians, but specialists as well.

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Health Insurance Terminology

Healthcare insurance is on the minds of a lot of people right now as the December 15th open
enrollment deadline to sign up for health insurance through the Market Place is fast approaching.
And in case you hadn’t noticed, this year’s open enrollment period is much shorter than in prior

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