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Meet Maureen deJongh, PHR


“Blue Chip Benefits has a long history of successfully serving our clients, both large and small, and we are eager to assist with your insurance needs as well.”

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Blue Chip Benefits is always excited to talk to businesses about their employee benefit needs. We’re proud to serve clients in the greater Colorado Springs and Houston areas, as well as nationwide. Contact one of us directly, or provide us with your name, email and subject matter and we’ll get in touch with you.

Maureen deJongh, PHR

Maureen deJohngh Broker / Owner

Maureen started Blue Chip Benefits in 2010. Since then, she has grown the local brokerage office into a business that focuses on customer service. Her extensive experience with human resources, business management and sales has helped the agency grow from strength to strength.

In her spare time, Maureen enjoys gardening and travel.

888-225-8244 x 701

Wendy Hust

Account Executive / Client Services

Wendy HustAs a licensed life, health and accident producer in the state of Colorado, who passed her insurance exams in 2012, Wendy arms each client with the tools and resources they need to ensure they can efficiently manage their employee benefits program with ease. Clients rely on her to assist with any questions or needs they may have on an employer level, such as providing educational materials on benefits and value-added programs, handling billing discrepancies, and assisting with new enrollments and benefit changes. On the employee level, Wendy works one-on-one with individual members to assist them with finding the right coverage for their own unique situation, or steps in to help navigate difficult claims. She brings over 20 years of sales, management, customer service and public relations expertise to the company, having worked for a several large corporations with a strong focus on intra-company team building and individual development, human resources, customer service, and new sales and marketing strategies.

Wendy enjoys spending her down time outdoors with her husband and four children, camping, jet skiing, paddle boarding, and sneaking away to Las Vegas any chance she can get.

888-225-8244 x 702

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    Kathy Smith

    Customer Service & Quality Control Associate

    Kathy SmithAfter a 20-year career as a human resources/payroll/office manager at a public high school, Kathy brings an extensive background in human resources and customer service to our team. As Blue Chip Benefits has grown over the years, so has her knowledge and expertise in the insurance industry. Kathy’s primary focus is on customer service and quality control. She effectively handles all enrollment requests for changes to a member’s benefits, audits each client’s annual insurance renewal for accuracy, assists clients with managing compliance with COBRA/State Continuation laws, reviews all employee benefits guides before they are released, as well as assists with back-office administrative tasks.

    Kathy is an avid reader who enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren; having weekly video chats with her large, extended family; taking road trips to Seattle and Arizona; solving puzzles; and playing games.

    888-225-8244 x 705

    If you have marketing inquiries, please contact our marketing department directly.

    Kim Simmons

    Marketing & Communications Manager

    Kim SimmonsWith over 30 years of experience in marketing and creative design, and having obtained her life, health and accident insurance license in 2018, Kimberly effectively leads the company’s marketing and communications endeavors at Blue Chip Benefits. She is responsible for writing content for the company’s website and media communications, creating and managing the company’s brand, and supports clients by researching and communicating important information about ACA Compliance, FMLA, ERISA, Colorado’s new FAMLI program, and trends occurring in the insurance industry. Clearly understanding insurance and compliance related requirements can be a daunting task, but Kimberly successfully takes that complicated insurance and compliance information and puts it in a more easily understandable format for our clients’ benefit. She also creates each client’s employee benefits guide, all promotional materials, and manages our website and client portal.

    In her free time, Kimberly enjoys being outside playing with her dogs, gardening, and fishing.

    888-225-8244 x 703

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    We are licensed/authorized to transact insurance business in the following states, and can easily obtain a license in
    other states as needed: Colorado, Texas, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Wyoming.

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