Audrianna Williams

Audrianna Williams, a well-known cheerleading female-coach of Monroe Comprehensive High School in Georgia, has recently resigned amidst an investigation into allegations of an inappropriate relationship involving a teacher and a student. The Dougherty County Board of Education accepted Williams’ resignation instead of terminating her, and now this matter has to be settled with the GPSC also known as Georgia Professional Standards Commission. People and students of Georgia High Schools have frequently raised questions and alleged her relationships with a student.

The investigation has spiked a huge attention on social media due to its viral nature and the case and the coach’s immoral relationship with a student is going viral on Instagram and Twitter. Williams has been previously admired for motivating students with a back-to-school music video which went very popular on social media for encouraging students to resume their in person study after Covid 19. 

The school district has now taken the accusations seriously as she has a role model image socially, but her inappropriate relationship with a student raises questions on her integrity and so-called good teacher image. The council is now doing a strong inspection to strictly align their coaches with policies and laws. The ongoing investigation will surely bring more transparency and fairness amid community concerns.

Prior to the investigation of her inappropriate relationship, she was seen as a brand for Georgia High School Cheerleading Coach Association due to her being in the limelight in music videos of the school. 

Audrianna Willaims Abruptly Quits Georgia High School, as Investigation Begins on The Sex Abuse Case

Audrianna Williams, a former cheerleading coach at Monroe Comprehensive High School (MCHS) in Georgia, resigned in mid-December 2023 amid serious allegations. She was under investigation for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a student at the school. The school district, Dougherty County School System (DCSS), had launched an investigation after these allegations surfaced.

On December 18, 2023, the Dougherty County Board of Education officially accepted Williams’ resignation rather than punishing her and terminating her job. Now they have admitted to submitting necessary reports to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. The resignation came just a few days after the investigation into the allegations began, suggesting that the situation was deemed serious and required prompt action.

Details of the Allegations

The allegation against Williams says that she is involved in sexually explicit conduct with a student at Monroe Comprehensive High School. It is no doubt a very serious crime and law violation, particularly for someone in a position like a teacher or coach. The specific charges filed against her were two counts of sexual assault by a teacher, which indicates that there were at least two instances or types of misconduct that led to the charges.

Arrest and Legal Proceedings

Williams was arrested on December 26, 2023, following the issuance of warrants for her arrest. The warrants detailed that she had engaged in sexual activities with a student, which is considered illegal and unethical. She was taken into custody but later released on bond the same day. Bond allows a person to be released from jail while awaiting trial, provided they pay a specified amount of money to ensure they return for court appearances.

The case quickly gained attention on social media and within the local community. Prior to these allegations, Williams had been involved in a popular back-to-school music video that had gone viral. This previous public exposure added to the community’s interest and the rapid spread of news about the case. 

Who is Audrianna Williams?

Audrianna Williams was a cheer coach at Monroe Comprehensive High School in Georgia, known for her presence on TikTok as Miss Williams, where she had a substantial following. The coach had over 600,000 followers on TikTok and more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, showing her strong fanbase and recognition. Following the emergence of the allegations, Williams resigned from her position at the school. 

If proven guilty, Williams can face significant legal penalties, including up to 20 years in prison for each count of sexual assault.

Viral Video of Georgia High School Cheerleading Coach

A twitter user with username “@75__South” uploaded an explicit video of the cheerleading coach which went viral. In a shocking video, she was in a dark bedroom with a young innocent male student, reportedly 17 years old. She was forcefully doing shameful s*xual conduct with the boy against his will. In the video as she was seen wearing the same baseball cap numerous times. Later, another TikTok user with the username “@tiaraamalone” explained that the man she was seen in the viral video was a football player of the high school named Quan.

She quickly left the job as cheerleading coach as this video went viral and the investigation begun. She was released on a $2000 bond.

About Georgia High School Cheerleading Coach

Georgia High School Cheerleading Coaches are responsible for coaching cheerleading athletes, both in spirit and competitive cheer, within the school systems of Georgia. They are members or affiliated with the Georgia Cheerleading Coaches Association (GCCA), which aims to educate coaches, promote the sport, and ensure safety and technical skills adherence as outlined by the National Federation Spirit Rules book and GHSA publications. Those who don’t know what cheerleading is, Cheerleading is a sport that involves organized routines combining elements of dance, gymnastics, and acrobatics, typically performed to cheer on sports teams or entertain audiences at events.  

Cheerleading Coaches of High Schools in Georgia are required to know and follow the rules in the GHSA Constitution and By-Laws, which tell them how to coach and who can join the team. Coaches also have to understand the National Federation Spirit Rules Book for cheerleading in basketball and football. They must attend training every year and learn about managing concussions to keep athletes safe. Coaches also handle things like when to practice Schedules and Competition Schedules to ensure everyone follows the rules and keeps athletes safe.