Jessica Erin Lane Coleman Obituary / Death Notice

We are very sad and apologetic to inform all that our lovely angel and beautiful woman Jessica Erin who belonged to St. Andrew’s Church in Springfield. All who share a bond with the beloved and soft-hearted daughter Jessica Erin admired her for her unmatched sympathetic, firmness, and bravery. Jessica Erin was a quite famous philanthropist who worked for a non-profit educational company and increased their funding through her inspiring stories and writings.  

Jessica Eric Lane Coleman’s Early Life and Education

The angel Jessica entered this world on March 15, 1985, in Springfield, Illinois to the Coleman family. She was a very honest and faithful student and showed unmatched charisma for learning and education. The girl was studying in the Lincoln High School, and she was famous for actively partaking in several entertainment, sports, and arts programs like the debate team, theater club, and academic seminars.

After completing her high school education Jessica studied from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and there she got her English Bachelor’s degree. 

Secular Path of Jessica Coleman

She began her job of editor and writer for a startup publishing organization and there she received a lot of admiration for her excellent performance as editor and writer. In 2010, Jessica changed her job role and became a communications specialist in a public service organization focused on education. She earned a lot of fame and admiration for her exceptional work as she got exceptional skills at creating stories and articles. She soon spiked a lot of gain in wealth for the non profit she was working and became a famous philanthropist. 

Personal Life

She used to be frequently admired for her generosity, hospitality, and compassionate nature. The successful woman always valued her friends, family members and work mates that everybody loved. She was also full of a positive vibe and energy, always being happy and keeping others happy. Her friends and family often spoke of her soulful laughter, love for unique adventures. In her family, she used to be a very supportive person in terms of emotional, financial, and spiritual. She was an actively participating member of the Church. Her sudden demise has left everyone shattered.

Jessica had a keen interest in traveling and writing new stories of her experiences. She has written many travel tales and insights on her personal blog and that has led to a surge in her popularity as a writer and blogger. 

Philanthropy Attributes of her Personality

Jessica was deeply dedicated to her hometown and residential community. The woman without any break partook in different public-service groups, and literacy activities, and she always happily volunteered at local shelters. Though she was not a very rich person who can donate millions, she did spend her time and energy helping in many places where people needed help. Her stories and blogs inspired others to become supportive in public.

Funeral is Scheduled on Coming July 15, 2024

A remembrance or death anniversary of Jessica’s life has been scheduled on the coming July 15, 2024 on Saturday at St. Andrew’s Church in Springfield. The time decided for the program is at 2:00 PM, and a reception program will also be there for friends and family to share memories and remember and celebrate the beautiful journey Jessica is completing around us.