Samuel J Snodgrass

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Samuel J. Snodgrass is a fictional character in the “Make ‘Em Laugh” song sung by Donald O’Connor and written by Arthur Freed / Nacio Brown. The song was introduced in the Comedy/Musical genre film “Singin’ in the Rain” released all the way back in 1952. The song mentions Samuel J. Snodgrass a man who said “Make ’em laugh” right before being executed by guillotine, a machine with a blade to decapitate a criminal. This situation is unlikely and humorous, hinting it that the character and this event shown in the song is totally fictional.

The song says Cosmo quotes Snodgrass, his dad, and grandpa. It doesn’t clarify if Snodgrass is supposed to be Cosmo’s ancestor or relative. This uncertainty keeps the Snodgrass enigmatic. Cosmo aka Cosmo Brown is the character played by actor Donald O’Connor in the movie Singin’ in the Rain and he is the one who sings Make em Laugh somng. He is pretty good at making people laugh and sings really well.

The song is about the importance of making people laugh. It tells a funny story about a guy named Snodgrass who valued laughter even in the face of death fits the lighthearted theme. While the movie doesn’t clearly say who Snodgrass is, he is a keen comedian just similar to Cosmo. It seems Cosmo gets motivation from Snodgrass to be happy and cherished at all moments even at the most traumatic time.

Samuel is a type of person who remains positive and funny no matter how things are going in the life. He rejoices with a joke even at the time of his execution with a terrifying guillotine. The song Make em laugh clearly conveys the character Samuel J Snodgrass as his priorities are always making other laugh even during the toughest times.

What Happens to Samuel J SnodGrass?

He is executed by a executioner in a ruthless old-fashion using a decapitating machine called guillotine. The reasons of his execution in such a relentless style shows that he might have committed a crime or broke a law.

Why is Samuel J SnodGrass Famous?

He was a mysterious character in the Make Em Laugh song which was performed by Connor in the Singing in the Rain movie. The movie and song are very famous themselves and Samuel was the main figure portrayed in the song. He wanted to make people laugh as taught by his dad and granddad.