YugenManga is a free platform to read and watch Manga novels and books in Spanish and other languages that are common in Brazil. Users can enjoy free Manga, Manhua, Manhwa, and similar comics on Android device using the app. This manga platform is available both in website and app form for users. The site boasts over a million worldwide users monthly, showing how much Brazilians are into the world of manga and Asian comics.

YugenManga Chrome Extension

YugenMangas also comes in a form of a Google Chrome extension that you can use to read manga online on your laptop or desktop if you use Chrome browser. With the ,extension visiting the site or opening specific webpage does not seem to be an issues as the extension provides one-click access to the favorite manga. You get a large whooping library of manga comics and you can quickly bookmark your preferred titles to read in the free time. The service provide you quick selection between English and Spanish translation options and subtitles for each story or book.

The extension enables a neat and clean UI to discover or explore new titles and search exact title of your choice. Another good feature is you can change the reading mode in the site or extension, from individual single page view to to multiple comic page on your screen for more advanced readers. Zoom in and reading the text and watching the artworks closely further enhances the overall fun of reading Japanese and Korean comics.

You can turn on push notifications to get updates for latest Manga, Manhwa or Manhua releases in Spanish. This way you can stay up to date with the real-time Asian comic trend.

Pros of Browser Extension

  • No need to visit the site manually. Time Saving!
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy Reading controls like zooming in, turning page, or going back to the previous page.
  • Compatible with all Chrome browsers.
  • Quickly setup your favorite Manga comics to the library provides on the YugenManga site.
  • Various titles to read in Spanish.

Cons of Browser Extension

  • Requires a stable internet connection for online reading.
  • Limited offline reading capabilities.
  • Some users may experience compatibility issues with certain Chrome extensions.

Installation Guide for YugenManga Chrome Extension

  • Open your Chrome browser and go to Google search.
  • Search for Chrome web store.
  • Now click on the first result to open Chrome Web Extension Store.
  • In the search box, search for YugenManga
  • Hit the button that reads ‘Add to Chrome.’
  • Now the extension will be quickly installed on your browser.

After the installation, you can begin using the extension to read your favorite Japanese anime novel in spanish. You can customize the interface or user dashboard and add your favorites to the home of the site.

Is YugenManga Safe to Use?

All data available on YugenManga is basically sources and scraped from other popular online manga providers like Gogoanime. YugenMange is no different from the sites like Gogoanime who publish content without proper distribution license to the users and most of the time are illegitimate. However, legality of such services depends highly on a country’s law. If one country does not have any law that prevents sharing and distribution of pirated content then using YugenManga is not an offense. You should check and investigate firmly before making a decision to use a service like YugenManga. Check your region’s guidelines for using pirated or copied content from original creators.

In terms of safety of users, the site may throw or use third-party cheap ads in the form of pop ups and banners that can redirect you to unwanted or low authority sites. In some cases, such piracy sites have been shows to infect users’ devices with viruses and malicious files. They can also pose a risk to your data privacy and data hijacking. We do not recommend the use of such service.

While we have highlighted the features and functionality of this site, we do not encourage users to rely on such sites for their entertainment needs as these can be unsafe to visit. It can both be an offense or can cause serious damage to your device or data.

If we conclude about the overall safety of the site, it may not cause serious issue if you are very very careful and skilled in internet surfing and browsing cheap sites that throws dozens of popups every minute.

However, there are no official or clear signs of YugenMangas being a scam or illegal site since laws are different in every nation. It can be a legitimate platform in certain regions where internet laws related to content distribution are not strong enough. it can be a great site for those who prefer to read Japanese, Korean and Chinese style novels in Spanish.

When YugenMangas Can be a Safe and Legitimate Service?

In some circumstances the service proves to be both secure and legit. Here are some reasons why we can use it in some regions without being worried about safety:

  1. It is Not Illegal in Many Counties: Many countries do not have any restriction on downloading or using copyrighted content without distribution or user license. In such countries you can safely use YugenManga.
  2. The site’s Motto is to Deliver Manga in Spanish: Their main goal is to offer manga and comics, in Spanish for people who reside in Brazil. With this, we can tell that the creator of this site does not have anything malicious in their mind and all they wanted is to bring the asian manga experience to Brazil.
  3. Reliable Info of Manga Series: You can clear and specific info of novels, be it chapters, summary or overview, and dubbing of dialogues from English to Spanish. This accuracy in their service conveys us that they are still trustworthy to some extent even if they post some irritating ads and popups.
  4. They Provide All Popular or Underrated Titles: You will get all manga comics even if they were not recognized widely or did not receive a huge fanbase. And all popular books are also available.
  5. No Serious Security Threat If you Are Skilled at Internet Surfing: If you are already skilled at closing cheap popups and ads or redirect loops, you will most likely shrug off all cheap ads and small threats of the site. Also you should be smart enough to not use this service on your business computer or phone that store valuable data which can be hijacked or infected with viruses. It would be absolutely risk-free to use if you can use it on a separate device dedicated for your entertainment needs.

Manga, Manhwa, and Manhua Titles Available to Read on YugenManga

Manhwa (Korean web comics) series like The Ranker Guide to Live an Ordinary Life, How to Get My Husband on My Side, and more are readily available to read in Spanish and Portuguese. Manga (Japanese comics) are available, like Naruto, One Piece, Fist of the North Star, etc. Chinese comics are available on the site too, like I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey, Keep A Low Profile, Sect Leader, Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years, etc.

App for Android

APK version of app is available for Android users to directly read manga on the go in Portuguese and Spanish. You can visit the app stores like apkpure.net to download and install this application. Firstly review if this service is not banned or illegal in your nation. If it is not allowed in your region, it most likely won’t work as the authorities would be blocking it.


Even while we have tried discussing so much about this service, there might be some common questions that people ask about it. Here are some of the commonly asked queries:

1. What is YugenManga?
YugenManga is a platform where users can read and watch Manga novels and books in Spanish and other languages common in Brazil, such as Portuguese. It offers a wide range of Manga, Manhua, Manhwa, and similar comics for free.

2. How can I access YugenManga?
YugenManga is available both as a website and as an Android app. Users can visit the website on any browser or download the app from the Google Play Store or other trusted sources.

3. What features does the YugenManga Chrome Extension offer?
The YugenManga Chrome Extension provides one-click access to favorite manga, a large library of comics, quick bookmarking, language translation options, customizable reading modes, and push notifications for new releases.

4. Is YugenManga safe to use?
While YugenManga offers a vast collection of manga titles, it sources its content from other providers and may not have proper distribution licenses. Users should be cautious as the site may contain third-party ads that could lead to unwanted or malicious sites. It’s advisable to check the legality of such services in your region before use.

5. Can I use YugenManga offline?
YugenManga primarily relies on a stable internet connection for online reading. While some offline reading capabilities may be available, they are limited.

6. How can I install the YugenManga Chrome Extension?
To install the YugenManga Chrome Extension, simply search for “YugenManga” in the Chrome Web Store and click on “Add to Chrome.” Once installed, you can access your favorite manga directly from your browser.

7. What languages are manga available in on YugenManga?
Manga titles on YugenManga are available in Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages common in Brazil.

8. What types of manga are available on YugenManga?
YugenManga offers a variety of manga genres, including Japanese (Manga), Korean (Manhwa), and Chinese comics (Manhua). Popular and lesser-known titles are both available for readers to enjoy.

9. Is there a mobile app available for YugenManga?
Yes, there is an APK version of the YugenManga app available for Android users. However, users should ensure that the service is not banned or illegal in their region before downloading the app.